Beijing Story (Lan Yu) - Chapter One

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-Ord från uppladdaren-
Jag hittade denna novell på nätet som jag tyckte var otroligt bra, tydligen är den jättepoppis i hemlandet och jag ville dela med mig den till alla här på Novellen är skriven av en anonym bloggare på nätet som kallar sig "Beijing Tongzhi" (Beijing Comrade). Den engelska versionen som jag laddar upp är översatt av David Fung*. Så jag tar ingen som helst credit för arbetet varken för novellen eller översättningen, de tillhör sina respektive ägare. Och jag har inte vågat översätta den till svenska för jag är nog ingen vidare översättare, dessutom har väl dem flesta läst engelska A i mellanstadiet;). Jag börjar med att ladda upp kapitel ett och om den går igenom kontrollen så laddar jag upp resten av kapitlen. Trevlig läsning-

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IT'S BEEN three years¡K..three years ago, he used to come back in my dreams every night, and each time I would ask in surprise and rapture, "Aren't you dead? You didn't die?" Three years later, today, I'm still dreaming this same dream, but with a difference. For now, in my dreams, I would repeatedly remind myself that it's just a dream--until I wake up.
The weather in Vancouver is so pleasant. Never like Beijing with its raging snowstorms or the suffocating heat and humidity. Now there is always a crisp and cool breeze under the bright sunlight. When I wake up each day, I would feel lost and ponder, "Where am I?" Looking at the beautiful maple leaves swaying in the breeze, and looking at the beautiful young woman by my side¡ new wife, I would sigh silently and lie back, to go back to the memory in my dreams.
I was the son of a high-ranking cadre in China. Not the kind of second generation that was good for nothing. After graduating from high school, I got accepted by an important university to study Chinese literature. Into my second year, I had already opened a medium sized firm with the friends of questionable characters around me. After graduating, I landed a sizable chunk of public loan to open my own trading company, doing whatever business that would make money, especially those dealing with eastern Europe countries, which was all the rage those several years back then. Five years later, using my old man's connections, I managed to build my company into a multi-million dollar business. And I was only twenty-seven.
I had never thought of marriage at that time. I didn't even have a steady sexual partner. I say sexual partner without specifying the gender because it includes girls and also boys. I started doing it with girls during my freshman year. I can still remember clearly the first girl I went to bed with. She was a beautiful co-ed two years my senior in class. Her eyes were not particularly big but she had black and long lashes, and a high, pointed small nose at which I had the urge to take a bite. She had two shallow dimples when she laughed. Our first time was in my bedroom in my apartment.
Both of us skipped school that day. I made an excuse to get rid of the maid and took her to my apartment. She looked quite excited. We started by kissing nonstop. Then I tried to slip my hand under her dress. She didn't seem to resent this, still kissing with me passionately. Then I grabbed her breasts with both hands and she frowned slightly, pushing me away and murmured "no". My heart was thumping and I lost control entirely. Her refusal seemed to fuel my determination. I also murmured "I love you, I'll surely marry you", and rubbish like that. I undressed her in a hurry, only taking off my own pants, raised her legs and tried to stuff my penis inside. I tried three or four times without getting anywhere. At last, she had to help me with her hand to enable me to find the entrance. It was a pity that once I went in, I ejaculated before knowing what to do next. The girl cried. I didn't know it was because she was glad or sad. I thought maybe all girls cry at their first time.
Only until one year later, when I was quite experienced, did I realized that I had not been her first, maybe not even the third or fourth. After that, I changed my female partners nonstop. Finding a girl for me was not a problem. The real problem was how to get rid of them. I was somewhat disgusted deep down. They would always give me trouble on the problems of integrity and saying that they would not marry anyone else but me. It became so much so that for a time, I would feel sick just by looking at a woman. Around this time, a pal in our circle introduced me to a boy. He was a singer in a cabaret. I started a new way of playing the sexual game.
He was the first boy I had a relation with. It was so long ago I couldn't remember his name even if I tried hard. But I can remember clearly how he looked. He was fair-skinned, quite handsome. I heard he was in his twenties, old than me but looked like he was eighteen or nineteen. The only flaw was that he had a few 'beans of youth' (pimples) on his face. We met for the first time in his cabaret. I nominated his songs twice. He was quite talkative but at the same time a little bashful. We went to his place after he got off. He chatted nonstop on the way and I could feel a little being led on. I could see that he was thoughtful and seemed to try to test my reaction all the time.
He had quite a nice place. A two-room unit with a lot of furniture but was kept tidy and clean. Reminded me of the dirty dormitory shared by eight and my own ungodly 'dog's lair'.
"My parents prepared this for me, for use when I get marry." He told me laughingly while his eyes kept running over my body.
"I have to take a bath, to wash off the human odor from the cabaret. Do you want to¡K." He said again.
"Just wait." My tone was a bit unfriendly, but in fact I was trying to hide my own panic.
It had never occurred to me that it would be harder than going to bed with a girl for the first time.
He emerged from the bathroom soon. He was wearing only a pair of underpants. He body was well proportioned and I noticed that his hair was still dry. I sensed that he had suddenly changed during these few seconds. He didn't speak anymore, just started to caress me, taking off my shirt slowly and kissing me back and forth on my body, hands kept groping at my crotch. I dared not even breathe heavily, but I was starting to get excited.
I didn't know why I was still sitting stiffly. He seemed to have noticed. He stopped, raised his head and looked at me with eyesight that was soft and forlorn. My God, I've never been so aroused before. He had aroused all my lust and feelings, the urge to love, to cherish and at the same time to conquer and even torture. I suddenly pushed him onto the bed, my hands groping at his body. It was a young male body, delicate but resilient, entirely different from the soft feel of a female. He helped me remove my pants. And as he removed my underpants, letting my huge, blood engorged member leap out, he laughed.
"So large?" He said and started to rub it up and down with his mouth.
I kept panting loudly, and I couldn't keep my eyes open. This was so exciting. I had asked girls to do this to me, but they all seemed reluctant, either stopping after sucking once or twice or their teeth would actually scrape my shaft. He was still sucking my penis up and down, while playing with his own member with his hand.
"I'm coming," I couldn't help yelling.
He removed his mouth, at the same time stroking his and my cocks up and down with his hands. I couldn't hold out anymore. My sperm squirted out. It had never been so delicious before---no obligation at all on my part, only enjoyment.
After collecting myself, I saw that his cock was still bulging. I was a little ashamed, but I didn't really want to perform fellatio for him. He didn't mind very much though. He patiently took one of my hands and placed it on his cock, caressing slowly while his other hand went to his anus, rubbing lightly. He started to get excited. His muscle was rippling and he moaned like a woman. I helped rub around his anus with my other hand. His body shook violently, he moaned, he panted loudly, until he ejaculated.
Afterwards, he told me I was the handsomest boy ever with him, that although his other 'friends' were all great in technique, it was with me that he enjoyed most. I didn't know why, but his compliment didn't make me happy. I felt that these 'old' women and 'old' men had savaged my innocence. I thought I should make up my losses. I would play hard. With this play hard mentality, helped with the money that was increasing day by day, I messed with a lot of 'playthings', until I met Lanyu.

AS I HAVE said before, I was rich and famous at the tender age of twenty- seven, and I felt very important. Apart from tending to my business, I spent all my time messing around with my friends or lovers. That morning, I had completed a good business deal. At noon, I was pondering what to do in the evening when Liu Qsing came in. He was the deputy chief of the general manager in my office. We were all 'new riches'.
"Hey, I think the Russian fellow didn't leave happily today." He laughed as he came in.
"He wanted to take advantage of me. He could take it or leave it. He was not in our class. Ah, how about bowling at 'Capitol' tonight. You coming?" I asked, not particularly anxious.
"Aren't you going to ask Tse Mei? Just this morning, she called to give you her regards."
"Forget it. Not in the mood for her. Send her a packet of money or something, so that she would quit calling me all the time."
"Ah-ha. Tired of her again?" Liu Qsing laughed a little, "Now, this is important. Two days ago, I met a young fellow at State Street. He's a student just accepted by a university in Beijing. Seemed stranded. Interested?"
"Wait, wait. I'm not in the mood for men or women right now. How come you can always hook up with unknown characters? Is it clean? It's quite sickening." I said laughing.
"Really very pure. Absolutely not someone inside the circle. Just turned sixteen. Got accepted by a university. I guess he's short of cash. He was not willing to talk much. But he needs money anyway."
"Maybe just a con man. Perhaps a laborer from another province. Beijing is now filled with this kind of con men."
Liu Qsing didn't argue with me. He talked about the newly employed translator of Russian who was not so honest. Liu Qsing was two years my senior but had graduated with me the same year. We had been in the same classes from primary school to high school. We went to the same school at senior high but not in the same class. I chose literature and he chose physics. When taking the exam for university, he was out of luck, only got accepted by a city vocational college for teachers. After graduation, he was not content to be a poor teacher of high school. So he came to me looking for work. I of course was not the kind who would turn away an old friend. Even though I didn't need a scientist, I gave him the job of deputy chief of my office. No specific field of work for him. Just keeping an eye on things for me around the office, and finding 'good playthings' for me. I liked his smart but never mean ways most. And he was never headstrong, never jealous of others. In addition, he was normal coming to 'that' but could tolerate my unorthodox ways.
"All right, that's it. I'll look for you at 'Capitol' tonight." Liu Qsing said walking out.
"Mmm¡Kif you think that kid is really okay, bring him along."
"Right." Liu Qsing laughed once.
"How are you going to talk to him?'
"Just say that he's going to be the company of a chief Chan. Anyway, I'll make the hint to him. One thousand dollars."
"That cheap? He has to be clean."
"Relax. A virgin for sure. The only thing is that he might worry about you being unclean."
"Fuck you!" I laughed.


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