It's called Topping from the Bottom, Darling (Del 1)

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- I want you to fuck me like a deranged criminal.
- What?

They had been friends like, forever. They had both been single forever, her with the occational one night stand, him with the occational longing for someone to care for. Their friendly dinner-and-a-drink night had slowly turned into something slightly date-like as the hours passed. None of them looked bad, him long and slender with short auburn hair and her slightly curvacious with thick chocolaty strands of hair, not long enough to call long, but not short enough to call short either. She reclined on a pillow on the floor of his balcony, red nails scraping against wineglasses and the metallic surface of the table.
“You heard me, I want you to fuck me like a deranged criminal. Push me down, pull my hair, beat me up.”
“I... I can't do that!”
She shrugged and leant back.
“Ok then, but don't try and tell me you don't want to. You've had your eyes on my tits for the last half an hour.”
He shook his head, as if trying to arrange his thoughts.
“Isn't that quite a... unfeminist thing to ask for?”
“Oh, I'm just telling you what I want. I'd call that fairly feministic behaviour for a female.”
“But... You're asking me to be the thing I despise the most!”
She sighed, quite tiredly.
“Listen up sweetie. I make my own money. I make my own decisions. Hey, I probably could kick your ass and make you eat your feces with a spoon. Now, I'm letting you know that what I want you to do is push me down on the bed, slap me up and fuck me like I was an inanimate fuckdoll. It's all one thing, you see. That's the way I wanna fuck, take it or leave it.”
“So, you're telling me that either I rape you or you leave?”
“How can it be rape when I tell you to do it? Isn't the pure definition of rape that the victim is unwilling?”
He shook his head again, and when he spoke, his voice whas whiny, eyes open and nervous.
“You take everything I say and turn it against me. What are you doing?”
“It's called topping from the bottom Darling. I've been doing it all my life.”
She rose from the floor, making an effort to let the strands of hair fall down over the face, her gaze intense, framed by half faded make up.
”You can't say you don't want me,” she echoed her earlier statement. “I'm all yours baby. From the tits...” He shuddered as her hand stroked the contours of breasts under the black top. “...and down to my sweet ass...” Her back bent in a hard curve exposing the sharp outline of her hips in the tight jeans. He swallowed.
“So, where do you want me to begin?”
“You start by grabbing my hair and kiss me. The kiss should hurt, as should my roots.”
Hesitantly he reached for her and did as she said. The mousse she used to give the cut some volume tangled his hands and as he forced her head up for the kiss she groaned, a deep and harsh syllable of sound, him getting a slight hard-on both from the nervousness and the touch of her lips. He let go.
“Now what?”
“Now you lift me up by the waist and throw me on the bed. I will try to get away, and then you will grab my arm and tear me back. Violently. I'll fall over and you take the chance to push my head hard down to the pillow until I just lie there, face down, gasping for air.”
He stared. She gave him a look of pure teasing, traced the line of his collar bone with a hard-nailed fingertip.
“It will sound like I'm crying. At that point, it won't even be an act. You'd have gotten me so horny I'm probably crying out of sheer frustration.”
“Then what?”
His voice hoarse. He did his best to tell himself it was from shock.
“Then you rip my jeans off. Open the button if you have to, but I don't mind if they tear. My panties are sheer lace. You can work around them.”
Their eyes met for a moment as she took off her two-inch long earrings, carefully placing them next to her wine glass. His hard-on had gone from slight to raging.
“From there... Well, I think it'll come to you.”

And it did. She was strong, and forcing her down on the bed was more of a struggle than he had anticipated, but caught in the moment he managed to sink her face deep into the pillow, his hand on her neck, strands of hair tangled in his fingers. There, he paused, enthralled by the soft figure of her body as her top slid up, exposing a delicately curved back with a sharp line where the jeans started hugging her hips down over a pouted ass, accentuated by the back pockets. Where to now? Oh, the jeans... Eagerly but still a bit awkward he slid his left hand down under her and started fumbling with the button. She relaxed for a moment, giving him the chance to unbutton her without totally losing his grip. The jeans slid down, not with the tug he had planned, but still... down. She wasn't joking earlier. Only a thin lace hipster covered her ass, perfectly rounded, and he thought for a moment about ripping them off with his teeth. It would be a pity, though. The bra was sheer lace as well, and he wanted to see her completely before he pulled them off. She started moving under him, writhing like an eel, apparently to get away, but the result was that her jeans slid further down until she more or less kicked them off herself. While she was worming her way our of his grasp he had started stroking her, following the lines of her curved waist with his hand until he reached the hips and grabbed her ass, kneading it until her skin began to turn red. She was still holding back, keeping her helpless resistance at a level he could master.

Perhaps it was her obvious consideration for his lack of experience that set him off. She had asked him to be a brute, and now she was holding back? Something vaguely rage-like burst through his mind and suddenly he pressed his hand hard down between her legs and moved aside the thin fabric of the panties, sliding two fingers into her. She was wet. She was... shaved. He leant down over her again, two fingers in her cunt, the other hand slowly releasing the grip around her neck, stroking away strands of hair from her ear. He fingered her hard as he bent down to whisper.
“Ready for me? Already? You're a bigger slut than I thought Genie.”
“Fuck you.”
“And all smooth as well. Almost like you wanted me to fuck you. Was that why you asked me out tonight? To make the sweet boy fuck you red and blue? Well guess what sweetie. You got your wish.”

Slowly he slid his fingers out of her, feeling her tight muscles tense to keep him there. Not really knowing what to do with his soaking wet fingers he pushed them into her mouth, made her lick and suckle them clean again. The thought that she could bite him never came up, and fortunately she didn't, just cleaned his fingers with low-pitched sobs and whimpers. Her black top was thin cotton and he ripped it open in the back, unclasping the bra, before grappling her with both arms, turning her over. The rags of the top slid off her, exposing tits only slightly covered in lace. Eagerly he started fumbling with his own buttons, and as she took the chance to wriggle out of his grip he hesitantly gave her a hard slap across the face. Her face softened and her body relaxed as he pulled off his T-shirt and unbuttoned his pants.
“Take out my cock.”
She looked him straight in the eye now, challenging him openly.
“What if I don't?”
“That isn't an option.”
“If I let you fuck my face, will you leave the rest of me alone?”
“I might. Try me.”
Slowly she reached for his pants, pulled down the underwear and took his cock in her well-manicured hands, letting the nails scrape down the shaft in an uncertain way he knew for a fact was pure acting. He shivered. Standing on top gave him a perfect view of her, the breasts heaving in the see-through bra and her lips reddened and soft. Calm down for fuck's sake! This is Genie, you want it to last... Standing on his knees above her waist he managed to ease his clothes off with a less-than-dextrous wriggle. She didn't seem to notice. Her hands were working him and her lips separated as an invitation to his cock to enter, as fast or hard as he wanted. It was an invitation hard to refuse, and as he grabbed her hair he pulled her face up to meet the glans. Her eyes flicked with uncertainty as he did so, and to keep her from talking he forced his cock into her mouth, never giving her the chance to start arguing. Her nipples were hard, pressing against his thighs as he leant over her, and her mouth was tense but open. He closed his eyes, focusing on the sensation of her mouth, her tongue pressed hard against his shaft as he pushed deep down her throat. She choked, but he continued until she was gasping for air, then he slowly slid out of her mouth and paused to watch the scene, his hard cock resting on her face, cheeks blushed and lips wet and swollen. Then he sat down on her waist, at last pulling off the bra. There was nothing wrong with her tits, even though he had heard her complaints often enough. They were full enough to fit her figure, perfectly rounded and dark aerolae framed the hard nipples in a more than tasty way. As he edged down to suckle them she started wriggling again.
“You said you'd leave the rest of me alone!”
A hard smile.
“I lied.”
She stared at him for a second, pretend fear in her eyes, her face helpless with strands of brown hair framing the scene.
“You bastard!”
The words came out in gasps and as she started fighting, trying to pry him off, he pressed her down, placing his weight over her as he ripped the panties open from the hip. They ripped off completely as she continued her desperate fight to get free and they fell down on the floor at the side of the bed.

Her breath came in strained bursts now, panting from the weight of his body on her chest and shoulders. He could feel the heaving of her breasts against his skin, stiff, swollen and pressed down almost flat with the nipples portruding like buttons. He could only imagine what they would look like, should he release her from the grasp and take a quick glance. He decided not to as she tried to pull her arm free. She was too strong. If he raised his torso for a second, she would break free, and he wasn't sure he'd be able to push her down again.

She was soaking wet, legs shut tightly around the thigh he used to push them open. He thought he was about to burst. All he wanted was to thrust his cock into her, feel the pressure of her tight muscles working him, sucking him dry. But he resisted. One part of him wanted the moment to linger, the rest of him was still awkward about forcing himself upon her this way. A twist of her hip almost made him lose his grip, and when she was out of balance he pushed his other thigh between her legs and forced them open. She moaned, unable to hold it back. The sight of her face, twisted in frustration and played fear, made him lose the last piece of his precious self-control and he pushed deep into her. The effect of his entry was nothing short of a vision, her face suddenly tense , eyes wide open, breath gasping in shock. As he lost his hold of her arms she dug her nails deep into his back. He didn't feel the pain. All he could focus on was her cunt, working him with a steady rhythm, wet, tight and welcoming. She couldn't play anymore. All stubborn fear had vanished from her face and now she was moving, moaning, biting her lip as he fucked her, a bead of sweat slowly running down her chest between her breasts and down to her pierced navel. He was wild. Half fascinated, half disgusted, he realized that he loved this, using her body solely for his own pleasure, pumping her like a fuck doll and watching her almost lose all control from loving it. He wasn't even aware that he had started talking furiously, calling her a tight-cunted slut, a fucking whore, a pretty little piece of meat.
“What did you just call me?!”
It took a fraction of a second to realize she was playing again, and as he choked her with a firm hand he saw a slight flicker of a smile on her lips. With his hand on her throat he lowered his head to her ear.
“I'm gonna turn you over now and fuck you like a dog. You won't try to get away, cause than I will make you scream like I ripped your guts open. Do you understand?
She nodded, eyes dim and lips scarlet from arousal and abraded lipstick, not long-lasting enough to take the hard pressure of his lips and teeth earlier. Slowly, she started to turn and he pressed her down harshly, lifted her hips to his own and pushed into her with a groan. Her ass moved for his every thrust and soon he was holding her arms with one hand, the other kneading and spanking and squeezing her cheeks until they were red and blushing. He was close, so close he couldn't hold back anymore, and he came in a series of thrusts making her whole body push forward, her head into the bedframe. Then, at last, he felt the pain in his scratched- up back and the stiffness of his muscles and he fell down over her in a heap. Still a bit dizzy from the adrenaline and tension he realized she was smiling. The real world started to leak in and he felt his face redden from embarassment.
“I'm sorry... I lost control, completely. Did I hurt you?”
With the big-sister voice she usually used to drive him mad she answered: “No Darling, that was wonderful.”


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